Sunday, December 5, 2021

Kimo Says Drug Accusations Were Completely False, Was Mis Judged


“I wasn’t charged with it. I wasn’t on methamphetamine and I was not tested for methamphetamine,” said Leopoldo, who was waiting for his friend and driver to return to the vehicle when two plain-clothes officers approached him.

Leopoldo, who had recently undergone knee surgery and was partially immobile at the time, said he was also held and interrogated for nearly an hour at the scene before he was taken into custody.

“They misjudged me, character-profiled me and basically wronged me,” said Leopoldo. “Everything I was accused of was wrong. None of it was justified.”

Leopoldo is confident that his day in court will lead to his vindication later this year.

The tarnishing of his name and reputation isn’t so easy to reverse, though. Numerous sites, including, reported that Leopoldo had been busted for methamphetamine with little to no follow-up.

“People were quick to jump on the methamphetamine accusation with me, just linking me with this drug,” he said. “Because I’m from Hawaii and I’ve had some sort of past, they want to hold on to that past and not let you move on to your future.”

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