Sunday, November 28, 2021

Marcus Davis Feels He Didn't Lose To Dan Hardy At UFC 99

Marcus Davis talks about losing to Dan Hardy following their UFC 99 bout in Cologne Germany. Hardy took a hard fought split decision that really could have gone either way:

“He got totally outwrestled in the first round – he was on his back the whole time. Second round he got outgrappled and outwrestled. That third round he lost three minutes and 15 or 20 seconds of the round – I had it booked in my head. And then he comes on and cuts me, frustrates me and wins that last round [in the final two minutes]. I knew that it was close, but I knew I had those first two rounds in the bag…. I believe that is the first time I went to decision besides the Swick fight, which I lost, too. I did lose that fight. This fight I didn’t lose. To lose to him makes it even worse. It was a fight that I should have been able to finish. It didn’t have anything to do with him getting in my head or whatever. Things just happened in the fight and I wasn’t able to finish. But that’s the fight game.”

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