Saturday, November 27, 2021

Marcus Davis Wants Rematch With Dan Hardy Before Year's End

Marcus Davis talks to following his UFC 99 loss to Dan Hardy via a razor thin split decision:

“Hardy had one highlight in each round. He had the elbow in the first round. He had the big knee that dropped me in the second round. And he had the elbow in the third round that opened up the cut on me and caused me to bleed. His whole win is based off those three big strikes. My performance is based off of 12-13 minutes of controlling and beating him in every other area. I took at least 12 minutes of that fight; he can have the other three. So you’re going to give him the win off that? I just don’t get it. If you break it down as a numbers game; I win the numbers. Whether it is clean strikes, wrestling, ground work, all of it. Honestly, neither of us had our best night that night or else one of us would have ended it before it went to the judges’ scorecards. I know Hardy isn’t happy winning the fight that way and I’m not happy losing the fight that way. That is why I want to do it again. Does it need to be an automatic rematch, of course not. But I want Davis-Hardy II by the end of this year.”

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