Sunday, November 28, 2021

Nick Diaz Could Fight At Light Heavyweight In The Future

Nick Diaz trainer and mentor Cesar Gracie talks to about where Diaz will fight in the future:

“We’ll probably have him go back to welterweight again unless Strikeforce has something for him at middleweight. I know he wants to go back and fight at welterweight. He likes to do triathlons so he likes to stay leaner for those and it ties into the MMA. He wouldn’t have to cut that much weight if he was leaner with the workouts he has to do for the triathlons and everything. You won’t be seeing him go back to lightweight anytime soon because he’s just not very good there. His skills are good at any weight, but when he loses that much weight in the cut, he’s prone to health problems, infections and all kinds of things start happening to him. He gets very big and that’s not his natural weight. He will fight at higher weights. If something big came along, we would put him at light heavy. We would bulk him up a bit and let him fight the really big guys. I bet people would enjoy that. He’s a true old school fighter. He’s like the Gracie Jiu Jitsu guys from the old school. He will fight at any weight class. That’s the kind of fighter he is.”

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