Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rich Clementi Blasts Kyle Jensen For Showboating

The following was posted on the UG this morning by Rich Clementi regarding his bout with Kyle Jensen this past weekend. Jensen took the bout when Clementi broke his clavical after slamming Jensen to the mat:

How the hell can you or your camp go bragging around about what happened during our fight on Saturday! Basically after about 5 seconds and me throwing a punch you realized you didn't want to stand with me so you tried to close the distance and take me down. I reversed you picked you up over my head like a sack of potatoes and slammed your ass into the ground almost knocking myself out because I seperated my Clavical from my C Joint!!!! Of course I couldn't continue and your going to hop on the cage and dance around the cage as if you did even one thing to me.

You wanna be a man I'll show you what a mans like, you wanna celebrate, you wanna say you beat me, I will offer a rematch on any show and you can have 100% of my purse if you ligitmentaly win!

I am proud of my wins in this sport and just as proud of my losses. I will keep bringing this tread up till you either except or at least let everyone know what kind of man you really are!

Rich Clementi

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