Wednesday, December 1, 2021

TUF 9 Finale Results: Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia


Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia
Round 1
Blackburn rocks Garcia with a right cross immediately. Garcia shakes it off. Blackburn misses a punch and Garcia ducks under. Blackburn tries a standing guillotine, but Garcia lifts him up and slams him hard onto his shoulders. Blackburn gets back up and rocks Garcia again with a right. Nice short left hook by Garcia finds its target. The pace slows a bit but Blackburn lands two good leg kicks. They both land hard left hooks at the same time and smile. Garcia lands three stiff left jabs. Blackburn lands another decent left leg kick. And another. Garcia lands a solid right hand and knee on Blackburn in a frenzy at bell. The round ends and Blackburn is limping. Replays show the knee was to the groin. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2
Blackburn was given no time to recover from the groin shot. Both guys are pawing out jabs. Slow pace. Hard left jab by Blackburn smacks the face of Garcia. Hard right leg kick by Blackburn. Garcia is very tentative. An errant kick grazes Garcia's groin. He's OK. Blackburn is now moving around well, giving Garcia all sorts of angles. The crowd is now getting a bit restless. Garcia finally opens up with a right cross, right-leg kick combo. Nice short left hook lands for Blackburn very late. The second is an easy round for Blackburn, 10-9.

Round 3
They hug at start of the third. A very tentative round to start. A minute in and nothing has landed. Both guys are pawing out jabs. Hard short left hook by Garcia. Garcia misses a huge left and then another. Nice right hand by Blackburn follows a leg kick. Garcia now has a small trickle of blood on the right side of his hairline. Blackburn lands a left kick to the body followed by a right-low kick and a left hook. A right hook lands for Garcia. 20 seconds left and it's anybody's fight. Blackburn scores a single-leg takedown, but Garcia quickly scrambles back to his feet. A short left hook drops Blackburn with five seconds left. It might have won him the round. 10-9 Garcia.

Official scores:
Adalaide Byrd: 29-28 Garcia
Patricia Morse Jarman: 29-28 Blackburn
Tony Weeks: 29-28 Blackburn

The crowd hates the verdict. The boos are intense. Blackburn said he hurt his shoulder early in the fight.

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