Sunday, November 28, 2021

TUF 9 Finale Results: Jason Dent Vs. Cameron Dollar


Jason Dent vs. Cameron Dollar
Round 1
They touch gloves. Dent paws a left jab. Dollar lands an overhand right. Dent lands a decent leg kick. Hard right to body from Dollar. The crowd is heavily behind Dollar. Dollar lands a hard right uppercut and scores a takedown when he blocks a Dent knee. They're up. Another hard right to dent's body. Dollar is starting to be more aggressive. Nice straight left to the face from dollar. A right hand begins a flurry from Dollar as Dent covers up. A left to the body from Dent and Dollar shoots in. Dent sprawls but locks up an anaconda choke. It's deep. Dollar is fighting it. Dent rolls over and sinks it deeper. Dollar is struggling to get out. Dollar has no choice but to tap out. The official time is 4:46 of the first.

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