Saturday, December 4, 2021

TUF 9 Finale Results: Nick Osipczak vs. Frank Lester


Nick Osipczak vs. Frank Lester
Round 1
The fight starts with a right leg kick by Lester. Lester misses a “Superman” punch. Osipczak lands a straight right and Lester slips down onto his back. Osipczak quickly goes to side control. Lester scrambles and pulls guard. Lester scrambles again and gets back up, but Osipczak pins him along the fence. Lester reverses control and now has Osipczak pinned against the cage. Referee Kim Winslow restarts them. They plug away and Osipczak tags him with a right hand. Lester gets his back and tries to duplex nick but Osipczak's balance is strong. They separate and go toe-to-toe. Osipczak hurts Lester with a straight right and lands a glancing right knee as the American shoots. Osipczak quickly seizes his back and locks in a rear-naked choke. Perfect execution without the hooks, causing Lester to tap at 3:40 of round one.

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