Sunday, November 28, 2021

Anderson Silva Talks Wanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort

Props To Fighter's Only Magazine:

“Over Wanderlei there's nothing to say, right? We're fighters and have to talk a little and do our marketing. I respect him as a fighter like the other ones. There are excellent athletes in all the world and as I said before, opportunities have to be taken where they can.

“I think everybody is happy now: the king, the prince and the clown. Life is not easy. The big deal for Wanderlei is to train to do the memorable fights he used to do in PRIDE.”

Vitor Belfort is not a friend of mine. If this fight gets real I will be training for that. I respect him and we even trained together but now it's easy, everybody wants to face me. I'm always asked about who I want to face next and the answer is, I still have too much to go through and have many things to live. I want to fight the bests. Since the beginning of my career it's the same.”

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