Saturday, December 4, 2021

Gegard Mousasi Talks Training Alongside Fedor

Gegard Mousasi talks about his desire to move to heavyweight after training alongside Fedor Emelianenko. Mousasi will take on Babalu Sobral on August 1st at Affliction: Trliogy.

“Training with him, that’s also one of the reasons I thought I can be a heavyweight, I feel so much bigger than him. When you train with him, he feels like a middleweight. He’s as strong as a heavyweight but as fast as a middleweight, so I think that makes him special. If I can take my speed as a middleweight, have that explosiveness and mobility and move up to heavyweight, I think that’s something a lot of them don’t have. I feel always that I’m physically stronger than my opponents. I feel like my opponents can’t hurt me because I’m always comfortable in stand-up and there hasn’t been a fighter that’s ground-and-pounded me. I feel like I can hurt them, but they can’t hurt me.

Mousasi also talks Babalu, and how he sees the fight going when they match up on the undercard of the Fedor vs. Josh Barnett main event:

“Even if he could take me down, I don’t see him (being able to) ground and pound me. I don’t see him getting mount or top position (or) that he can do any damage. I don’t see him submit(ting) me. So eventually it’ll be a stand up fight again. And sooner or later, I’ll catch him.”

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