Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Quick Notes From Fedor Emelianenko Conference Call

Props To for sitting through the call:

Update 1: The call finally starts…with Jerry Millen. The MMA world just hasn't been the same without him. Nevermind, maybe it's not starting. Whatever.

Update 2: Vadim is up. Says there have been negotiations with the UFC and other companies. Not much else.

Update 3: Jerry Millen says Fedor will “headline” EA Sports' video game, which doesn't make any sense. I'm sure it makes Dana happy though. Fedor thanks everyone for coming.

Update 4: Reporter asks if Vadim plans any legal action against Affliction. Vadim says they will weigh all the options. M-1's attorney basically threatens Affliction and promises that if anything was done wrong, M-1 will go after the people responsible.

Update 5: MDS of MMA Fanhouse asks Fedor if he plans to meet Dana White. Answer is unintelligible. Sounds like Dana did talk to Fedor, but I'm not sure. UFC made a “good offer” to Fedor and M-1 made a counter-offer involving co-promotion. Says Fedor has many good offers he can take.

Update 6: Josh Gross asks why Fedor can't do the same deal GSP, Anderson Silva, and every other big fighter signs? Evasive answer. Why is co-promotion so important? Answer: M-1 is very big, we develop MMA all over the world. This is all talking points about M-1 at this point. It sounds like UFC came forward with a big offer, and now M-1 offered something back very different involving co-promotion. Amusingly, they say M-1's goal is to make MMA really popular all over the world.

Update 7: Beau Dure at USA Today asks what co-promotion really means? Evasive answer. Personal guess: it rhymes with scribe. Now they're going on at length about all the shows they are going to promote. They are just ignoring questions at this point and just talking about whatever they want. They say negotiations were productive, but they will only work on a co-promotion basis. Someone asks if he's leaning toward Strikeforce, and the answer is just that Strikeforce is one of their possible partners.

Update 8: Someone asks about Aleksander's quote about Vadim, they blow it off. Nothing is happening on this call, no announcement, it's just a PR stunt.

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