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UFC 100 RESULTS: Georges St-Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

Round 1

The fighters engage in a feeling-out process in the center of the Octagon. 50 seconds into the round, St. Pierre get s a single-leg takedown. Alves stands quickly and is dragged back down to the canvas. St. Pierre attempts to mount and Alves gets to his feet. The champion hops on his back with two hooks. Alves rolls over and stands. St. Pierre connects with a nice jab and a low kick to Alves’ lead leg. GSP uses his jab again to setup a low kick. Alves stuffs a St. Pierre double. The challenger checks a low kick and glances a right hand off the jaw. Alves finally closes the distance to unload and St. Pierre takes him down with a double. Alves, bleeding from a small cut near the right eye, gets to his feet at the horn.

Round 2

Alves lands a right-hand lead. St. Pierre misses a “Superman” punch and gets a bullish double. St. Pierre controls from the top in half-guard. St. Pierre briefly mounts before Alves gets back to full guard. Alves is bleeding from the nose and the champion targets it with two sharp elbows. The challenger’s face is a bloody mess and St. Pierre punches and passes. Alves shows good defense in getting back to guard. GSP stays precise with his ground striking. He punches while passing and he’s landing at a high rate. Alves gets to his feet and St. Pierre stays right on him.

Round 3

Alves gets a right hand in to kickoff the third round. Alves clips the champion again and then stops a shot. Alves misses short on a “Superman” punch, but it looks as if he’s seized momentum. St. Pierre uses his range well as he jabs and circles from his foe’s power. Alves connects with two low kicks and St. Pierre gets a needed takedown. At the midway point of the frame, St. Pierre connects with short rights to the body and an elbow to the head from half guard. Alves explodes and gets to his feet. St. Pierre lands a clumsy low kick and backs away. Alves digs a low kick home and absorbs a kick to the groin from GSP. St. Pierre pushes Alves back with a teep kick. St. Pierre’s footwork is excellent, but could his inactivity cost him a round? Alves falls from a right hand and St. Pierre pounces with punches and elbows from the top. Alves recovers and stalls from the bottom to end the round.

Round 4

St. Pierre feints with his right hand and gets an ultra-smooth double. The champion achieves mount quickly. St. Pierre works to gain a higher position and Alves gets to half guard. Alves scrambles and St. Pierre works for an armbar. Alves has none of it, as he escapes and takes the top position. St. Pierre eats some punches from his back in a butterfly guard. St. Pierre defends well and stands without taking any punishment. St. Pierre lands a left-hook counter to the chin from close range. St. Pierre catches a low kick and takes Alves down easily. He moves gracefully to Alves back and he gets both hooks. St. Pierre looks for a rear-naked choke as time expires. In between rounds, St. Pierre tells trainer Greg Jackson that he pulled his groin. “I don’t care. This is where champions are born,” replied Jackson. “Hit him with your groin.”

Round 5

St. Pierre keeps his distance until dropping levels for an easy single-leg takedown. Alves gets to his feet and St. Pierre presses his opponent against the fencing. The fighters separate and St. Pierre checks the clock before taking Alves back down. Alves muscles his way to his feet only to be ripped straight back to the floor. St. Pierre is pitching a complete-game shutout with just 70 seconds to go. St. Pierre ties his challenger up from half guard and does little more. Alves tries to scramble to his feet as the fight ends.

Georges St-Pierre def. Thiago Silva via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-45) after 5 Rounds to retain the UFC Welterweight title. [Credit:]

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