Friday, November 26, 2021

UFC 100 RESULTS: Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien

Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien

Round 1

Jones misses a head kick. O’Brien shoots for a single and misses. Decent overhand right lands for Jones. O’Brien misses a loopy left hook. Jones counters with a spinning-head kick and is way off his mark. O’Brien shoots in for a double, but is stuffed. Jones misses another head kick but follows up with a low kick and a stiff-left jab. Jones is moving around the cage swiftly, and it's giving O’Brien difficulties. Hard kick to the ribs from Jones. O’Brien is pressing the action, but his aggression is ineffective. Though nothing hard landed cleanly, Jones won the round based on activity. 10-9 Jones.

Round 2

Jones launches a flying knee seconds into the round that misses. Jones noly misses a head kick. Jones continues to bounce around and back away from O’Brien. A short-counter left hook lands for O’Brien two minutes in. Spinning-back fist by Jones clips O’Brien on the head and causes him to stumble. Jones pounces and has O’Brien pinned along the fence. He sinks in a guillotine and O’Brien fends it off. Jones switches his hands and it looks more like a brabo choke. O'Brien taps out. It's officially tagged a tapout due to a guillotine at 2:43 of the second. [Credit:]

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