Thursday, December 2, 2021

Video: No Shit MMA Episode 22 Wedderburn, Hedderick

The following is the complete 22nd episode of “No Shit MMA” which airs every Tuesday live on The show is hosted by Jonathan Baldock and Robin Black.

Episode 22
Robin was away this week (finishing up training for
his fight on Saturday) , so we had Marc Trottier in as our guest host …

This week we had Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn in to talk about his upcoming fight with Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford. Showtime was telling us how his training was going when Ryan called in and told Showtime he was just a paycheck.

Randy Hedderick (who made his pro debut against Tom Atencio) told us why he couldn't answer the bell for round three at Ultimate Chaos.

We also showed the video of Floyd Mayweather Jr. cutting up MMA and then weighed in with our opinion.

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