Thursday, December 2, 2021

Anderson Silva: We're Years Ahead Of Some Fighters

From Fighter's Only Magazine:

“Personally I am in a constant transformation, improving my technique and game constantly. I told Dana White I’m training to face the best guys, to make big fights, whoever it may be. I study my work and I don’t do anything at random… I see my fights every day and try to get better in all skills. I don’t worry about the outcomes, winning or money. I just thing on getting out of there the same way I came in, that is, in one piece with no injuries. And trying to keep myself so means I do not always get the knockout, that is something that just happens during the course of some of my fights.

I try to win through the mistakes of my opponents. It’s not interesting for me to expose myself and run unnecessary risks. I’m getting old and since I started fighting I never had a scratch or my face broken. Anyone who knows about fighting can see what I mean.”

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