Sunday, December 5, 2021

Chris Leben Explains His Positive Test For Steroids

Chris Leben talks to the Canadian press regarding his positive steroid test and getting back on track:

“Everybody wants to be bigger, faster, stronger. I’m no expert on the subject. I had taken something several months before the fight and I didn’t realize that it stayed in your system for up to eight months. I mean everybody has the desire to win and everybody’s going to do what they can to win. The rules are the rules and you’ve got to follow them. You’ve got to be fair, you’ve got to play within the guidelines and I didn’t do that and obviously I paid the price. [Rosholt is] a fantastic wrestler, world-class, I mean a four-time all-American, he’s a national champ. Obviously you have to respect those skills, which I do. At the same time, there’s definitely some other people out there in the weight class I would have picked first.”

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