Thursday, December 2, 2021

Dana White Announces UFC Stadium Show At Fenway Park?

Despite claiming he would never bastardize the live event experience of a UFC fan attending their first live event, UFC president Dana White seems to be bending the rules when it comes to his hometown of Boston.

The UFC is looking at holding their first event in company history in Boston upon completion of regulation procedures that are at this point still ongoing. The hope is to have the Boston event in the early-to-mid portion of 2010.

The real surprise, however, was revealed at the UFC 101 post-fight press conference last night, where Dana White announced that the company is looking at bringing the first Boston show to the historic Fenway Park baseball stadium. Fenway currently seats just over 37,000 seats when set up for baseball games. That number will obviously be much different with a UFC set up, but will still end up being more seats than any UFC show in U.S. history if the deal comes to fruition.

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