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Exclusive: Danillo Villefort Talks His Goals In The UFC, More

By Chris Howie
August 6th, 2009

Danillo Villefort had a dream and he had a plan. Now this Saturday from Philadelphia at UFC 101 the twenty six year old Brazilian will make his long awaited UFC debut against Jesse Lennox. The two are both fighters who came from the WEC’s 170lb division when the company decided to focus on lower weight classes and drop its heavier classes.

“He has a very good record but I can not see any thing from him that is going to be dangerous to me. I won’t lose any position, I’m hard to submit and I can fight forever bro.” Villefort tells “I can’t wait to fight man. I was training with Thiago Alves for his fight with GSP so I’ve had a lot of time to train and get ready. I’ve had a lot of time to work on my diet and eat healthy and train well so every thing has gone perfect.”

The American Top Team welterweight is now on to the next step of his dream that began when his desire to be a Judo champ failed. “The first time I came to the USA was two and a half years ago. I was invited to ATT and came to check the place out. I trained and felt good there and everyone was really friendly so when I came back to Brazil I spoke to my family and told them that if I wanted to have a good career that was the way I had to go so I moved to the US.”

He has trained in Judo since he was only a small baby he says, three or four years old, then began training in BJJ when he was sixteen. With the help of former Pride and UFC heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (a man he calls his godfather), Villefort has had the chance to travel the world and see things that other fighters may only dream of seeing. “He has always been there for me and took me all over the world to see the experience. He paid out of his own pocket for me to fight before. I’m very glad to have met that man. He has done so much for me.”

On Saturday, he faces a stiff test in Jesse Lennox, who finds himself in the same position as Villefort, making his UFC debut but Villefort is confident in himself “I know I can beat this guy standing and on the feet. I just have to do everything perfect – and I will.” He says “I’m trying to prove and show my skills. I want to show my judo and jiu jitsu to the fans. I believe in two years I’ll be top five in the world. The UFC believes in me and I’m not going to f*** it up, bro.”

With his team, family, and the UFC behind him, the up and comer has his mind focused and set on one thing. Becoming a champ, “My goal is in two years to be the top fighter in the UFC. I have my team and family behind me and that’s what is going to happen. I’m going to be a champion.”

Standing at the top of the UFC welterweight picture is Canadian Georges St. Pierre, a man who has just come off a dominating performance against Villefort’s teammate, Thiago Alves. This is a bout Villefort considers the ultimate dream. “Oh my friend fighting GSP is my dream. Having this chance in the UFC means so much to me. I will not lose this fight. I did not move all the way from Brazil to f*** things up. I’m here to be a world champion.”

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