Sunday, December 5, 2021

Firas Zahabi Talks Jon Jones Training At Tri Star Gym

Firas Zahabi talks to about Jon Jones training at the Tri Star Gym:

“We have Jon `Bones’ Jones training here at Zahabi MMA and Tri Star Gym, which is my MMA club. So now we have Georges, if he has to get ready for Anderson Silva, he’s got a great partner in Jon Bones. He’s got the tall, lanky body type, he has incredible Muay Thai; a tricky style of Muay Thai as well and he has the reach like Anderson Silva. I think he would be a very good training partner for Georges if that fight ever happens. Of course, we’re going to be training with him whether that fight happens or not. I’m going to do my best to mold him. We’re going to be working with Greg Jackson of course and the entire team that works with Georges St. Pierre will be working with Jon Jones. I expect a lot from this kid man. I trained with him this morning and I’ve trained with a lot of fighters; this kid is the real thing. I see a lot of St. Pierre in him!”

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