Saturday, November 27, 2021

Miragliotta Defends Stoppage Of Hendricks Vs. Sadollah Fight


“When you get to see the fight in slow motion, you can see that [Amir Sadollah (1-1)] was out and then, after a couple of strikes, wakes back up and starts trying to stand back up,” UFC referee Dan Miragliotta told Sunday night in response to the outrage here and across the MMA media after John Hendricks (6-0) TKO’d the charasmatic The Ultimate Fighter 7 champ Sadollah in 29 seconds in Hendricks’s Octagon debut at UFC 101 in Philadelphia Saturday.

Miragliotta emphasized, “You know me and have spoken with me about other fights, my job is to protect the fighters and I try and do my best to do that.”

A proud professional, Miragliotta verified his call immediately after the stoppage: “When I stopped the fight and got between Sadollah and Hendricks, Sadollah still looked glassy eyed and asked me what happened. I feel that he was still a little out of it while standing there talking to me.” And, when spoke to Miragliotta, he had just finished watching the fight again to examine his work.

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