Sunday, December 5, 2021

Ricco Rodriguez Feels He Could Beat Fedor Emelianenko

Former UFC Heavyweight Champ talks to about his chances of beating Fedor if they were to match up:

“I’m serious about being a factor in this division. First and foremost I want my belt back. I know Lesnar is a huge guy but I’ve noticed several holes in his top game during his last fight that I could capitalize on. Yeah he beat Mir, but Frank Mir doesn’t possess the level of jiu-jitsu I have, which is really needed to neutralize the size advantage of Brock. Personally I don’t get the hype, I think I was more impressive against Randy than Lesnar was, it looked like Randy was breaking him mentally until he landed the last shot… Yeah I’ve been approached about [fighting Fedor Emelianenko], nothing’s final yet but that’s a fight I would definitely want. I know people will say I don’t have a chance, but I destroyed the guy who handed Fedor his only loss. Fedor is a great fighter but, the training I’ve done at Wolfslair has improved my game tremendously so I think I’ve got a great shot at beating him.”

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