Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Strikeforce Results: Jay Hieron vs. Jesse Taylor


Jay Hieron vs. Jesse Taylor
Round 1
Taylor shoots and Hieron sprawls, then shrugs him off. Taylor shoots again and Hieron sprawls, pushing Taylor to his back. Hieron passes to half guard quickly, but Taylor keeps him at bay. Hieron begins to work elbows, and Taylor is bleeding from his nose. Taylor tries to wiggle to his feet, but Hieron pulls him back to the canvas. Referee Herb Dean re-starts them standing with 20 seconds on the clock. Taylor lunges forward, but doesn't land. Hieron 10-9.

Round 2
Taylor shoots again, but Hieron has his number, and briefly locks in a guillotine as they spill to the mat. Hieron has mount, then moves to Taylor's back where he almost locks up the rear-naked choke. Hieron moves back to mount and goes for a head-arm choke, but Taylor escapes. Hieron settles in Taylor's guard and the action lulls. Re-stood, Taylor looks desperate, swinging, then shooting for takedowns Hieron sees a mile away. Hieron again wrangles Taylor to the ground into half guard. The pair is re-stood again, and Taylor misses another punch-shoot combo. Hieron 10-9.

Round 3
The pair stand off for the first time in the bout. Taylor swings more, but neither land anything substantial. Taylor drops levels, but Hieron is right there and they resume center canvas. Again, Taylor shoots and delivers his first successful takedown. Taylor is in Hieron's butterfly guard, then passes to half, but there is little action and the crowd is growing restless. Hieron escapes to his feet and fends off Taylor with two beautiful sprawls. Hieron takes Taylor down. With one minute left, the pair is re-stood. An exhausted Taylor swings and kicks, but he's out of gas and Hieron is playing a patient game onto victory. Hieron 10-9.

All three official judges see the bout 30-27 for Hieron, who takes the unanimous decision.