Saturday, November 27, 2021

UFC 101 Results: Jesse Lennox vs. Danillo Villefort


Jesse Lennox vs. Danillo Villefort
Round 1
We are 10 seconds in and as the fighter’s circle, feeling each other out, the Philadelphia crowd is already booing. Villefort scores first with a high kick that is partially blocked. Villefort throws Lennox to the mat and swings wildly from his feet. Lennox escapes back to his feet only to narrowly evade a Villefort elbow. The crowd boos again as the fighter’s take a brief respite. Lennox throws a tiring Villefort to the mat but quickly motions for him to stand back up. Villefort, taking advantage of the situation, lands a spinning back kick to the face of Lennox but it doesn’t seem to hurt the Iowan. Villefort lands another spinning back kick, this time to the body. Lennox, again, doesn’t seem fazed as he secures a takedown as the round came to a close. scores the round 10-9 for Danillo Villefort.

Round 2
Lennox finds his range to start the second, scoring with a stinging right uppercut that staggered Villefort. The ATT product answers with an elbow that glances off Lennox. Villefort is tiring and looks like his legs are leaving him. Lennox lands a right cross that takes the Brazilian off his feet but it looks like more of a fatigue issue than anything. Villefort is trying to answer but Lennox just walks through his weak jab to throw punches of his own. Lennox lands a good one-two combination, his best punches of the night. Villefort looks tired but he takes the shots well. The round comes to a close as the fighter’s clinch. scores the round 10-9 for Jesse Lennox.

Round 3
Lennox connects with a big right cross, and Villefort backs into the cage and taunts him. Lennox throws a body kick and Villefort grabs his leg to take the fight to the ground briefly before it goes back to the feet. Villefort finally gets to work from his back and he shows why he was so eager to get there. He locks up an armbar and uses a nifty move, pulling Lennox leg to flip him over. As he pulls the endangered arm free, Lennox rotates it out of danger and ends up on top of Villefort. Immediately, referee Keith Peterson steps in because of a cut over Villefort’s eye. Replays show the cut was caused by an accidental head butt that occurred when Villefort went for the original armbar. The fight is ruled a TKO stoppage victory for Jesse Lennox at 3:37 of the third frame.

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