Sunday, December 5, 2021

UFC 101 Results: Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida


Kendall Grove vs. Ricardo Almeida
Round 1
Almeida looks for a single early and Grove easily stuffs it. Almeida gives up the takedown and lands a right hand. Almeida again shoots a single that is defended as Grove hops around balances himself on his free leg. Almeida finally trips him to the canvas. Grove lands an elbow from his back and Grove answers with one of his own. Almeida passes to half guard. Grove gives up his back and Almeida knees the ribs. Grove stands and misses a knee from the Thai plum. Almeida lifts Grove high into the air and deposits him to the canvas.

Round 2
Almeida gets a quick takedown after a nice feint. Grove looks for an armbar and it’s incredibly deep. He turns it over and Almeida’s arm is bent horribly at the elbow. Almeida weathers the storm and pulls free. Right away Almeida is forced to defend a leg lock. He does, no problem. Almeida moves to half guard, where he elbows the head. Almeida unloads with elbows and Grove turns over before standing. Grove lands a knee to the head and body from the clinch. Almeida gets another takedown before the horn sounds.

Round 3
Grove avoids a takedown and lands a right hook. Almeida attemps a flying armbar and Grove sees it coming. Grove punches the head before standing. Now back on the feet, Grove jabs and stuffs a single-leg takedown. A fatigued Almedia sucks it up and delivers with a much-needed tackle. Almeida controls from the top position and does little else. Grove kicks away and stands. Almeida cracks his foe with a right hook. Grove stops a single as time expires.

All three official judges score the bout for Almeida, 30-27.

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