Wednesday, December 1, 2021

UFC 101 Results: Shane Nelson vs. Aaron Riley


Shane Nelson vs. Aaron Riley
Round 1
Riley kicks off the bout with a straight-right hand. Nelson drops to a knee and quickly stands. Nelson goes to the Thai plum and connects with a knee to the body. Riley pushes him to the fencing and misses a wild elbow strike. Nelson backs off the fence and avoids a head kick in the process. Nelson, a southpaw, connects with a left-hand lead. Riley misses a left hook and ducks his head down in search of a single. Nelson easily avoids the attempt. And then stuffs another takedown. Riley clinches and bounces a knee off the ribs of his opponent. Riley scores with a standing elbow to the eyebrow. Nelson attempts a takedown of his own and Riley shrugs it off. Nelson circles away from his opponent.

Round 2
Riley bullies Nelson around the Octagon as he stalks his prey with punches from the outside and knees from the clinch on the inside. Nelson connects with a knee to the body Riley answers with a kick to the ribs and a knee. Riley gets a trip takedown and begins to work from half-guard. Riley elbows from the top and pins Nelson against the cage. Nelson gets to guard and referee Kevin Mulhall stands the fighters. Nelson connects with a jab and is hit with a headkick. Riley pushes him down before the round ends.

Round 3
Riley sprawls on a Nelson single leg. Riley continues to throw a left-hand lead and a head kick. Riley gets a takedown. The crowd goes nuts as a fight breaks out in the seats. Perhaps unaware of what is going on, Riley is strictly business as he controls from the top in his opponent’s closed guard. Riley throws short punches to the face and holds the neck tight. Riley puts the stamp on his sure victory with punches in the final 30 seconds.

Official scores: 30-27 on all three cards.

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