Thursday, December 2, 2021

UFC 101 Results: Tamdan McCrory vs. John Howard


Tamdan McCrory vs. John Howard
Round 1
McCrory slips to the canvas on a missed high kick just seconds into the fight. Howard wades in after McCrory gets back to his feet and eats a couple punches. “The Barn Cat” jumps to a guillotine choke and rolls Howard over. Howard, working from top position, evades an omaplata attempt only to have McCrory kick him off and escape back to his feet. McCrory lands a nice knee before jumping to another guillotine. Howard pushes him to the mat and lands in McCrory’s guard. After a brief lull in the action, referee Mario Yamasaki stands the fighters back up. McCrory tries another aerial maneuver, a flying triangle, but Howard defends it by pushing him to the mat as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Tamdan McCrory.

Round 2
Howard launches into a takedown ending up in McCrory’s guard. Before he can do much McCrory gets back to his feet. He shoots back in and takes his lanky opponent back to the canvas. McCrory works his way back to his feet but is briefly caught in a modified guillotine. He pops his head out and punches down at Howard. Howard gets back to his feet only to eat a knee. McCrory jumps into another guillotine but Howard slips out easily, ending up in the guard again. Howard stands up and McCrory follows. Howard then attempts a wild scissor takedown to leg lock combination as the horn sounded. scores the round 10-9 for McCrory.

Round 3
Howard scores a double-leg takedown before picking McCrory up and slamming him back to the floor. Howard then steps back and allows McCrory back to his feet. McCrory throws Howard but ends up in the worse position, on his back. McCrory elbows Howard from the bottom but Yamasaki wants more action and stands them back up. Howard picks a leg and lifts McCrory into the air before depositing him back to the mat and landing in side-control. Howard inches towards another guillotine attempt but finds himself on the bottom as McCrory reverses him. The fighters work back their feet and exchange single punches before McCrory is stopped on a takedown attempt at the final horn. scores the third stanza for Howard 10-9.

The official scores are 29-28 Howard, 29-28 McCrory and 29-28 Howard. John Howard takes the split decision.

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