Thursday, December 2, 2021

UFC 102 Results: Michael Russow Vs. Justin McCully


Michael Russow vs. Justin McCully
Round 1
McCully is pumping the jab early as Russow walks him down and gets the takedown. McCully gets back to his feet briefly before being taken back down by a single. Russow goes to work from McCully's guard. The crowd shows their displeasure with the pace of the fight, booing for the first time. Russow continues to methodically attack from top position, not taking any chances. McCully gets back to his feet again, this time for a few seconds longer. Russow puts him back on the canvas, dodging a Kimura along the way. Russow overextends trying to pass and McCully slips out the back door and takes his back. Russow reverses postion again, this time he has to defend a kneebar. The round comes to a close with Russow back in McCully's guard. scores the opening round 10-9 for Mike Russow. The ringside physician is in McCully's corner, and referee Herb Dean has called time. McCully will be allowed to continue after a quick battery of balance tests.

Round 2
Round two begins with Russow mauling McCully up against the cage and pulling him to the mat. Russow attempts to pass from half-guard. Russow latches onto a kimura, but McCully defends. He is standing over McCully and dives back into his guard. The crowd is not happy with this fight, as they continue to boo. Russow is looking for the north-south choke he predicted before the fight. McCully gets to his knees and Russow is pounding away. McCully shows a big mouse under his left eye as referee Herb Dean stands the fight up to cheers from the crowd. Russow plants him again, this time easily passing to side control. Russow extends McCully's left arm in a kimura as the round closes. scores the round 10-9 for Mike Russow.

Round 3
McCully is moving forward, jabbing his way in on Russow to begin round three. Russow, almost in slow motion, ducks under and hits another takedown. Standing in McCully's guard, Russow lobs a few punches before settling back into the guard. Dean quickly stands the heavyweight back up. McCully finally finding some success with his striking game. He shrugs off a takedown and tosses a two piece combo Russow's way. The lumbering policeman does not want to stand, he clinches and hits another takedown, much to the Portland crowd's consternation. With 30 seconds left, Dean brings the fighters back to their feet in the center of the cage. McCully, out of desperation, is throwing wildly, but Russow ends the offense by putting his opponent back on the mat as time expires. scores the round 10-9 for Russow.

Official judges:
The official scores read 29-28, 30-26 and 30-27, all for Russow.

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