Saturday, December 4, 2021

WEC 42 Results: Fredson Paixao vs. Cole Province



Round 1 – Province opens by stalking, and Paixao throws a low kick. It's a very tentative start. Province misses with his own low kick. Paixao clinches, and tries to jump to guard. He misses, but he stays close. The pair trades kneed inside, taking turns circling off the cage. Two minutes in, and there's nothing to distinguish the two. Province finally earns a trip. Paixao immediately shoots for the triangle, though Province rolls out and begin to deliver a few shots from top position. Paixao establishes an open guard, though Province slides to side control. He left an arm, and Paixao looks for an omo plata. Province defends well, and he eventually slides free. Paixao looks for a guillotine on the scramble, but Province breaks free and falls into Paixao's guard. Paixao's head against the cage with a minute left. Province postures, and he lands a few punches. Province is bleeding from a short elbow thats cored the on the bridge of the nose, and the two are covered in blood as the round ends. Close round, but gives it to Province, 10-9.

Round 2 – Another slow start, and Province misses with a flurry. the blood flow was stopped well between rounds. Paixao lands a few snapping leg kicks. Province clinches but he eats a knee. Paixao tries a guillotine choke on the fight, but Province pulls away. Paixao again with a low kick. Province shoots in, but Paixao scrambles out and has Province in a crucifix. The blood is again pouring from Province's nose. Provinces scrambles, but Paixao pulls guard. Paixao tries a triangle, but Province scrambles away. Province's blood is everywhere. Paixao again tries a triangle, but Province works free. It's going to be ugly when Province finally stands. The blood is everywhere. The round ends, and Province spent the majority of time in top position, which may influence the judges. Paixao was far more active, and awards to him, 10-9.

Round 3 – A touch of gloves starts the final round. Province not bleeding currently, but his skin is tinted red. Province clinches, and Paixao is pushed up against the cage. Province has underhooks, but he's stalling. Paixao tries to throw a few slow punches, but referee Herb Dean calls for a restart. Three minutes remain, and Paixao catches a low kick and delivers a straight punch. Paixao just misses with a spinning kick, then lands with a low kick. Province misses with a few punches, and Paixao answers with a low kick. Both corners yelling with 90 seconds remaining. it' still anyone's fight, though neither looks as if they have enough to finish. Province clinches with a minute remaining, and Dean calls for a restart. Paixao circles, and the fight could be up for grabs with 30 seconds remains. Paixao hits a low kicks and shuffles away. Province just can't pull the trigger, and both fighters raise their arms as the final bell sounds. sees it for Paixao, 10-9, as Province offered nothing in the round (though Paixao offered just slightly more). It could be close. Cole Province def. Fredson Paixao via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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