Thursday, December 2, 2021

WEC 42 Results: Marcus Hicks vs. Shane Roller



Round 1 – Roller circles to his right as Hicks takes the center. A few pawing jabs to open from Roller. Hicks charges in behind three punches, but Roller shucks him off and tosses to the floor. Hicks pulls guard, and Roller presses him to the cage as he sits up and tries to return to his feet. Hicks tries o secure a guillotine with his right arm, and Roller elevates as he tries to escape. It's a brief scary moment, but Roller works free. Roller throws a few punches, and Hicks returns to the guillotine. The pair stands, Hicks keeps the guillotine, and Roller slams him to the mat. The guillotine stays in place, though Roller finally wiggles free. Roller looks to pass from top position, but Hicks stays close. Roller moves to half-mount, but the fight is restarted on the feet with little action coming. Hicks finished with a flurry, throwing two hands to the body and three to the gut. sees it for Hicks, who spent most of the round on his back but locked in several legitimate submission attempts.

Round 2 – Hicks again takes the center. Hicks slips on a homerun kick, and Roller pounces. Hicks is strong in the clinch, and reverses before returning to his feet. Roller clinches again, though Hicks spins and pushes him to the cage. Roller falls as he tries for a trip, but he shoots in. He's again immediately in the guillotine choke. Blood trickles out over Roller's left eye, and Hicks squeezes tight. Roller's head is inverted as he tries to outlast the hold. He does after more tense moments, and from top position he throws first 20 punches, ten 10, then 20 more. Some land, some don't, and Hicks hangs tough. Hicks returns to the feet, and Roller clinches, moving Hicks back to the floor. Roller again postures up and begins to bring some ground-and-pound. Hicks is seated against the cage, and Roller stands over him, dropping more punches. Hicks tries to wiggle free, but Roller scores more punches to the face. Hicks survives to the bell, and the best round of the night to date earns a well-deserved applause. sees it for Roller, 10-9.

Round 3 – Hicks again takes the center, and while it's tentative to open, Hicks draws first blood. Rollers backs away from the punches, and he clinches. Both fighters look tired, deservedly so, but Hicks is the one doing the most damage with his hands. Roller circling away with three minutes remaining, but he needs to answer. Roller lands a pair of jabs. Hicks stalking, and Roller throws a knee up the middle. Now Roller is the more active fighter, landing single jabs. Another knee lands. Roller using his jab to keep Hicks away with one minute remaining. Hicks scores with a low kick. Roller throws five-straight jabs. Roller bobbing and weaving, lands a right hand and dumps Hicks with a big takedown that should secure the fight. Hicks is done underneath, and Roller rides out the final few seconds for what should be a 29-28 win. Shane Roller def. Marcus Hicks via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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