Thursday, December 2, 2021

WEC 42 Results: Ricardo Lamas vs. Danny Castillo



Round 1 – Castillo misses with a strong 1-2. Both fighters swing and miss, and Castillo closes the distance. Lamas quickly pushes away. Castillo works the jab, and Lamas looks hesitant. Castillo throws a hard right, and Lamas misses with a spinning attack. Castillo works the jab again, avoiding a Lamas high kick. Castillo lands a low kick. Castillo continues to work his hands, and Lamas finally lands the high kick. Castillo works a combination to the body. Lamas answers with another spinning attack that misses. Castillo the aggressor. Lamas ties him up, and Castillo answers with knees up the middle. Under a minute remains, and Castillo still pushing forward. The pair trade jabs as time winds down, but Castillo takes it on the card, 10-9.

Round 2 – Castillo opens with a low kick. Castillo lands a 1-2 then backs away. Lamas misses with a high kick after a brief clinch. Lamas scores with his jab and tries to close the distance and work a trip, but Castillo backs away. Lamas appears energized, throwing a few snapping kicks. He can't keep the momentum, though, and Castillo delivers a few stiff blows. Two minutes remain, and both fighters trade. Castillo scores another low kick. Castillo goes back to the jab. Lamas misses a high kick. Castillo lands a 1-2, the a shot to the bosy. Castillo rocks Lamas with a right hand, and pounces as his opponent wobbles away. Lamas falls to the floor, and Castillo unleashes a barrage of punches on the ground that force the stoppage from referee Herb Dean. Danny Castillo def. Ricardo Lamas via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 4:15.

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