Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Clay Guida Heads To Team Greg Jackson To Train For Next Fight

Yahoo Sports! has the recap of Guida's appearance on Inside MMA:

While on “Inside MMA,” Clay Guida announced that he will train at Greg Jackson's to prepare for his upcoming fight with Kenny Florian at UFC 107. Guida is the latest fighter to jump to Jackson's to upgrade his game where he will train with the likes of Georges St. Pierre, Nate Marquardt, Donald Cerrone, Leonard Garcia and Rashad Evans.

This move makes sense especially in light of Guida's last fight. In the loss to Diego Sanchez, Guida showed that toughness and wrestling — the best parts of his game — could help him last through a fight, but not always win it. At Jackson's, Guida will continually face top-level fighters who will get him ready for Florian's highly technical game

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