Wednesday, December 8, 2021

UFC 103 Results: Jim Miller Vs. Steve Lopez


Jim Miller vs. Steve Lopez
Round 1
Miller firing from his normal southpaw stance attacks early with punches. Lopez, also a southpaw returns the favor. Miller catches the lanky Lopez with a punch that wobbles him but he smiles and shakes it off. Miller winces during an exchange and paws at his left eye as if he was poked but he does not stop fighting. Miller lands a high kick and goes back to rubbing his eye with his hand. Perhaps sensing some urgency, Miller unloads a flurry and drops Lopez with a left. He rushes in to finish and locks up a guillotine along the cage. Lopez does well to defend but as soon as he is out he starts eating leather. Miller, working in the guard delivers some big left hands. Lopez remains calm and utilizes his guard to limit the damage from Miller. With just seconds left, Miller sits back for a leg-lock but doesn’t come close. Lopez gets up but with no time left on the clock. scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Round 2
There is little happening in the second round when Lopez waves to referee Don Turnage that he cannot continue. There were a couple of exchanges but nothing really landed. Replays show Lopez’s shoulder dislocated when he threw a punch. Jim Miller wins by TKO at 48 seconds of round two.

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