Thursday, December 2, 2021

Mayhem Miller Not Interested In Selling Soul To The UFC

Jason “Mayhem” Miller talks to USA Today about Dana White and the UFC:

I talked with Dana White a few days ago. Here's what he said about you in particular: “Here's the thing with Mayhem Miller. He can (bleep) dance all he wants, but this is fighting. Mayhem should probably focus on his fighting and not his dancing.”
– (Laughs) We love Dana White. We think Dana White — he's such a glorious and intelligent man. I think anyone in their right minds can see just how genius he is. He's brought the UFC from nothing to everything, and it was all his doing.

I can't tell how much of that you meant.
– (Laughs)

If Dana calls you after you beat Jake Shields, are you going to listen?
– Nah. I'm not interested. If I wanted to sell my soul, I'd be a Christian…

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