Thursday, December 2, 2021

UFC 106 Results: Brock Larson Vs. Brian Foster



Round 1 – Little action early as the fighters circle. After 35 seconds, Foster lands the first show with a right hand and then pushes Larson into the cage. The fighters jockey for position and break to restart. Larson shoots and grabs a leg, pushes Foster into the mat, and then scoops him up and takes him to the canvas. With Foster pressed against the cage, Larson looks to pass guard from the stand position and moves into side control. With little room to work, though, Foster puts his back against the cage and works his way to his feet, and Larson scores punches to the body. Foster, though, takes Larson to the mat and unloads a quick flurry of punches before standing over Larson and raining down big blows from the top. A dozen shots have landed loudly, and a right hand clips Larson on the chin. Foster dives in for side control and then moves into mount and unload a barrage of punches. Foster stands to regroup and tries to dive in with an overhand right. Larson, though, kicks his way free, but while Foster is on his knees, Larson lands an illegal kick to the face. Time is called, and Foster has a possible eye injury. The doctor comes in to check it out. Referee Yves Lavigne issues a one-point deduction before we restart. A quick flurry leaves both fighters jockeying for position, and Larson gets Foster in a head lock. However, Foster is in the three-point position, and the knees to the head are illegal. Another point deduction for Larson just as the round ends. scores it 10-9 for Foster, and with the point deductions, he takes the round 10-7.

Round 2 – Larson looks ticked as the round gets started and is still steaming from the second point deduction. Foster backs him into the cage and just misses with a one-two combination. Foster lands a Superman punch Larson charges in. Larson tries to shake it off, but his right eye is really starting to swell. Foster lands a low kick, and Larson is obviously now on the defensive during the stand-up exchanges. Foster lands a sweet spinning back kick, spinning back fist and a right hand and then shoves Larson to the mat and unloads a quick flurry of punches. The damage is starting to mount, and Foster is dominating his opponent. Foster, though, stands and allows Larson back up. When Larson shoots, Foster pops him with a big right hand. Larson drops to his knees and taps out as Foster delivers more shots from above. Very, very impressive performance for Foster. Brian Foster def. Brock Larson via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 3:25.

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