Friday, January 28, 2022

BJ Penn Excited For Bout With Frankie Edgar At UFC 112

The lightweight champ talks to Fighters Only:

“I am happy at 155lbs right now and am looking forward to fighting Frankie. I have a tough opponent in front of me at UFC 112. I don’t think any champion can really `clean out’ a division because there are so many great fighters coming through all the time as soon as you beat one guy another one just as good is ready for his try. I think a champion just has to keep going through these guys, beating these guys and build a legacy. I am too experienced; I’ve been doing this for too long to underestimate anyone at this level. As far as my aspirations to go back up to welterweight and fight GSP again, I am going to have to wait. I do want to be the welterweight champion again, I want to fight GSP again and I am always interested in moving up, I have done that in the past, looked beyond what I had to do, and I won’t be looking past Frankie Edgar.”

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