Friday, January 28, 2022

Demian Maia Talks Vitor Belfort Vs. Anderson Silva


“This fight is a big mystery. Both trained boxing with [Luis] Dorea. I asked many people in the academy, and everybody tells me they can’t predict what’s going to happen. The consensus is that if Belfort explodes at the beginning, he has a chance for the knockout, but most people believe more in Anderson if the fight goes past the first round. That’s what I heard most people saying. I’ve never trained with Anderson, but I’ve already trained with Belfort, and I can say he is very complete and certainly one of the biggest talents ever in Brazilian MMA. His only weakness is his mind, but, lately, he hasn’t shown any psychological weakness. I think Belfort is more complete physically and technically than Anderson, but Anderson is always 100 percent psychologically. So, for sure, it’s an unpredictable fight.”

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