Monday, January 24, 2022

Frank Trigg On Trash Talking Matt Serra

From You called Serra a little guido and he made fun of your tattoo. So, things got started early! Do you guys enjoy the war of words?

Frank Trigg: I know I do. I think it's fun. I can't speak for Matt. Dan Hardy and Georges St. Pierre are going at it a little bit too. GSP is just kind of taking it. For a guy like me, who is not as good as St. Pierre, not as good as Anderson Silva, not as good as BJ Penn, because I'm talking, I get just as much notoriety as those guys. I like trash talk. It makes it fun. Plus it makes the fights more interesting. Fans pay a little more attention. I don't know what he's said. I don't get on the message boards or read the media sites. I don't know what he's said other than he doesn't want to lose to a guy with a tramp stamp. Once he loses to a guy with a tramp stamp, not only does he lose to a guy with a tramp stamp, but to a guy who's nickname is “Twinkle Toes” which is kind of gay, a guy that paints his toe nails which is kind of gay. What's he going to do after that? Is he going to retire? Is he going to quit? Will he be able to eat pasta in his Long Island home or will they laugh him out of there? Really, what's going to happen?

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