Monday, January 17, 2022

GSP Just Keeps Getting Better And Better According To Trainer talks to Frias Zahabi about his star pupil:

“It's getting scary. Georges is getting better and better, believe it or not. If I compare him to last year he is far beyond where he was. He's a very scary individual. I can't even put him in with anybody his size. I can't put him with another welterweight because there is no other welterweight right now I can bring in who can make Georges sweat. We're looking to bring in Gegard Mousasi who is at 205 to work with Georges. I actually like it when the opponent's talk more (trash) because Georges comes in and puts in a lot more work. Trust me, believe me, the more Matt Serra talked, the harder Georges was training. The more BJ talked, the more Georges worked on his conditioning and his boxing. It really fuels Georges St. Pierre. To me, it has really backfired on every opponent.”

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