Thursday, January 27, 2022

Kenny Florian Thinks Diego Sanchez Looked Bad At 155lbs

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“You know, I pretty much predicted that. The skill level at 155lbs is the best in the UFC, if you look across the board, in terms of well-rounded fighters. You are not going to come in to the UFC 155 division and start finishing guys right away. People see me doing it and what do they think I'm doing, just lying around not training? I train my ass off every single day to be able to do that and it's not an easy thing to be able to finish guys at 155. That's something I really pride myself on.

The only guys, I think, at 155 that are consistently finishing people are me and BJ Penn. I think that takes a special skill to be able to do that. Not everybody can do that, I don't promise to be able to do that all the time but that's the way I fight and that's the way I train to fight. Diego thought he was going to be able to go out there and just smash people at 155. Not going to happen, Diego. The skill level is too good out there. You have to be very, very well rounded. He thought what he was able to do at 170, he was going to do even better at 155 and that's just not the case. It just shows me the talent that is out there at 155. In my opinion, Diego just never looked great at 155.”

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