Friday, January 28, 2022

King Mo Talks Potential Bout With Gegard Mousasi


“Once it's confirmed, game over.” …”I don't know if Mousasi turned the Dynamtite!! 2009 fight down, or I guess his management — maybe he didn't have enough time to train for me on short notice, but I was willing to step in and fight him at DREAM.”
…”I like being an underdog. I like people doubting me.” …”Yeah, Mousasi has good stand-up. He might have a better clinch, but I'm not worried about what he says at all. I hope he trains hard with 'GSP,' man. That's cool. It's whatever. He can do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants, cause when it comes down to it — when the fight happens — I'm going to be happy, because I get what I want.”

“…everybody will see what I'm talking about, why I wanted this fight.”

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