Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Manager Says Anderson Silva Not Retiring Anytime Soon

Ed Soares talks to MMAWeekly.com about Anderson Silva:

“I think the important thing is to really create the biggest fights possible. I think Anderson's got a good two, three years probably. He's got a good eight or nine fights probably left in him for sure, maybe more. He doesn't take too much damage, and the fact that he doesn't take damage in the fights, it's really more or less the training.”

“I believe the last fights of his career will definitely be big fights. That's what he wants, to have the big fights, regardless of what the weight is. Whether it's at light heavyweight, whether it's at heavyweight, whether it's at a catchweight, doesn't make a different. He just wants to challenge himself and be involved in some of the biggest fights that the UFC can put together.”

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