Thursday, January 27, 2022

Strikeforce Results: Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims


Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims (265-pound limit)

Round one: Here we go! First fight of the televised Showtime card. Hometown favorite, Bobby Lashley, gets a tremendous ovation from the fans. Sims towers over Lashley at the staredown, but “The Dominator” is a ball of muscle. Sims comes out taunting from the get-go with his arms in the air. Lashley connects with a nice left and immediately goes for a takedown, which he gets. He's beating him up a little from the top position. Sims squirms and tries to throw up the legs, looking for a triangle. Lashley gets him under control and works from the full guard, landing about 10 unanswered blows. Big ones. Sims has no other choice but to roll to his belly to avoid the abuse. Lashely continues to box the ears and the referee steps in to call a halt to the bout. It was all Lashley from start to brutal finish.

Final result: Bobby Lashley defeats Wes Sims via technical knockout (strikes) in round one

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