Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Strikeforce Results: Greg Nagy vs. Herschel Walker

From MMAMania.com:

Greg Nagy vs. Herschel Walker (215-pound limit)

Round one: Herschel comes out in fantastic shape, landing a stiff left jab to start things off. Follows with a low kick. Nagy has some weird moves that make the crowd laugh. He goes for a takedown, but Walker sprawls and fends hom off. Walker angles for a kimura, but lets it go to start nailing Nagy in full guard with several unanswered blows. Nagy is still pinned under the former Heisman Trophy winner in a very odd position. He's starting to create some separation and actually rolls for a leg lock, which Walker quickly escapes. Walker now in side control then moves to north-south position. Back to side control. Crowd wants elbows. He pins Nagy's arm and punches him frequently while in a headlock. That's how the round ends.

Round two: Round two starts with Nagy charging in with his head down. Walker answers with a slam that gets the crowd going. Walker gets his back and flattens him out. Doesn't go for the rear naked, but manges to get full mount when Nagy rolls to his back. Walker is high and can't land too much. Nagy manages to get to his knees. He has Nagy in a headlock and drills him with a knee … just like the crowd asked for. Nagy now tries again for the takedown, but Walker winds up on his back. Now it looks like he's going for the choke. He let's it go to box the ears a bit. Walker is trying to land strikes from full mount, but Nagy is doing a good job of covering up. That's how the round ends.

Round three: Nagy comes out with a wild right, which Walker is able to avoid. He then proceeds to take Nagy down once again. Looks like Nagy tries for an armbar from the bottom, but Walker defends. Walker once again in full mount. Flattens out Nagy, who isn't defending. He isn't doing anything, actually. Referee has no choice but to stop it early.

Final result: Herschel Walker defeats Greg Nagy via technical knockout (strikes) in round three

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