Friday, January 28, 2022

Strikeforce Results: Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef


Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef (185-pound limit)

Round one: Alright, Maniacs. Here comes a total slugfest. This could get ugly. And it can't happen soon enough. Manhoef comes down the ramp charged up. This is gonna be sick. Here we go! Manhoef stalks Lawler, but nothing thrown yet. Manhoef misses with a kick. And another. Lawler throws a high kick, which is partially blocked. Manhoef lands a hard kick to the belly. Now a low kick. He starts to unload a flurry of punches, but Lawler gets out of the corner as fast as possible. Manhoef snaps off a devastating few kicks, backs Laweler into a corner and starts to pours it on. Lawler is limping horribly. He's hurt. Manhoef goes in for the kill and Lawler lands a miraculous overhand right that hurtss Manhoef. Lawler lands another on the way down. HE'S OUT! Manhoef is still sleeping. Lawler just landed a Hail Mary. He still can't even walk. He was getting his ass beat bad before that punch. Wow. Knockout of the year so far. Easily.

Final result: Robbie Lawler defeats Melvin Manhoef via knockout (strikes) in round one

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