Monday, January 17, 2022

Cesar Gracie Says Nick Diaz Is A Target For Morons

<p>Nick Diaz trainer Cesar Gracie was on TapouT Radio this week and lashed out at all the Diaz haters saying that Diaz is basically a scapegoat due to his against the grain attitude:</p><p>&quot;People who don&rsquo;t like Nick Diaz, that doesn&rsquo;t make sense to me because here&rsquo;s a guy who has never put a syringe in his ass in his life. He&rsquo;s a clean fighter. Obviously [marijuana's] not a performance enhancing drug, so therefore trying to take the guy&rsquo;s win away &ndash; all of these guys testing positive for steroids, and we&rsquo;ll focus on Nick&rsquo;s weed thing forever. Oh, we did steroids, that&rsquo;s fine. Let&rsquo;s not talk about that. You did some cocaine or something. People have this fetish for the weed thing or something. Obviously he wasn&rsquo;t stoned for Gomi, but Nevada State with that idiot over there. I can&rsquo;t remember his name. The little moron guy that was only an athletic commissioner guy because his daddy owned the hotel. He was pathetic and he wanted to make an example of Nick because, who knows? There are theories. Nick wasn&rsquo;t in the UFC. The day Nick&rsquo;s not in the UFC he&rsquo;s testing positive. That was kind of a weird thing because he always smoked the night before (UFC fights). Then all of a sudden he&rsquo;s in Pride and he&rsquo;s testing positive. Oh we&rsquo;re going to take your win away. Pride actually paid him a win bonus after he tested positive. They said, &lsquo;nah, this is just a bunch of Nevada (expletive), and he won that fight.&rsquo; He got the win bonus and he went on from there.&quot;</p>

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