Monday, January 24, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says That Mark Coleman Is A Bum

Sonnen doesn't seem to be in the friend making game lately (Courtesy of

“Even though Mark Coleman is a bum, he wins fights. Who’s Mark Coleman’s coach? Who is Mark Coleman’s training partner? What is the name of the gym that he trains at? And don’t tell me the Hammer House. I want to know an actual building, an actual piece of real estate with a sign on it. Where does he train? Everybody has a coach. Tiger Woods has a coach. Michael Jordan had a coach. Mayweather has a coach. Mark Coleman does not have a coach. Everybody has a team. Everybody has a team backing them. Tiger Woods has a team. Kobe has a team. All the greats have a team of any sport. He doesn’t have a team! He’s his own coach, he’s his own team. He doesn’t even have a gym he belongs to. That’s just silly. How you could be in this for this long and be a one man show. On one hand (it) is remarkable. On one hand, maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Maybe I need to compliment him a little bit, but it’s just silly. That’s not what a dedicated guy does.”

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