Monday, January 17, 2022

Chael Sonnen Thinks Anderson Silva Is Avoiding His Style

Chael Sonnen appeared on ESPN's MMA Live this week and talked UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. Sonnen talks Silvas style versus his and thinks that the champ is avoiding him due to his strong wrestling base:<br><br>"I'm a lot better; I was awfully sore after that match. I was sore for a long time. I had a number of stitches. I finally have those out and seem to be healing pretty good. I got back into practice this week."<br><br>"For me, anything can change. The landscape changes all the time. But currently if we were to ask Dana White what's going to happen, I'm going to take on the winner of Anderson and Maia. So I'm on standby."<br><br> "Ideally how long could I get? I'd love to see three months which I anticipate it will be closer to five. If I had to get in there, you know you get that call; I'd get on the plane and go do it as soon as Abu Dhabi. But that certainty wouldn't be ideal for me from a selfish standpoint. It will be nice to sit back and watch those guys compete and then have some time to prepare."<br><br> "Well geez a few things. [Anderson] He is a tough puzzle to solve. You hit it on the head, nobody has come close. He's never fought a wrestler and I don't just mean he's never beat a wrestler, he's never fought one. Not in the small shows, not in the big shows. Not ever has he locked up with a wrestler. I've been challenging with the guy for three and a half years, I've stuck my finger in this guys chest and he's fought everybody in the world that isn't named Chael Sonnen."<br><br> "So there

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