Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Couture Says Coleman Hasn't Changed Style In 13 Years

Couture talks to Fighters Only:

“Mark’s fighting style hasn’t changed in the thirteen years we’ve been doing this. He has got a great double leg, he is a big physical guy. He is going throw nice heavy, strong punches early on and try to set up that double leg, try to get you on your back. He has got a great wrestler’s base so once he gets on top of you he is hard to get out from underneath. He is going to pick away at you, chip away at you and hope to steal rounds. I am working a lot of inside stuff against the cage, against the fence. I want to make him work under those conditions. I feel like I have an advantage there with my Greco-roman background compared to his freestyle background. [Cardio] is always a tool in my tool belt, is that I have a tendency to always be in great shape and make it hard work for my opponents. I like to work hard and make them work harder than they like to go.”

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