Saturday, January 22, 2022

Dana White Says Herschel Would Be First MMA Death If He Was In The UFC

<p>UFC President Dana White, never one to mush words, puts it bluntly wells he tells ESPN Radio that he gives Herschel Walker his props, but he wouldn't be able to cut the mustard in the UFC:</p><p>&quot;The whole Herschel Walker thing, listen I give the guy the props, he is almost 50 years old. He is still in great shape and he went out trained in mixed martial arts and he beat a guy who had no athletic ability, no stand up and no ground. You know what makes me crazy is the media attention it got. ESPN will cover Herschel Walker fighting when you got guys like George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Brock Lesnar and BJ Penn. All these great athletes that have been training for years and are the best in the sport and you are talking about Herschel Walker? You know what would happen to Herschel Walker over here? It would be the first death in MMA.&quot;</p>

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