Friday, January 28, 2022

Dana White Says Would Look At Gomi Vs. Penn If Gomi Wins In Debut

UFC President Dana White tells Yahoo Japan that if Takanori Gomi can get past Kenny Florian at UFC Fight Night 21 and BJ Penn defends against Frankie Edgar at UFC 112, than the two may meet up in the Octagon down the line:<br><br>"Kenny Florian is one of the top lightweight fighters. If Gomi beats Kenny, that's going to get a lot of attention from many people – including BJ Penn.<br><br>"But BJ has a fight with Frankie Edgar in Abu Dhabi on 4/12 and Gomi still needs to fight Kenny. So until that happens we can't make a decision. But I'll tell you, if Gomi beats Kenny, I definitely will consider a match with BJ."<br><br>Now, although this is an intriguing rematch from a bout from yesteryear for hardcore fans, it may not have the same appeal to the casual fan that the UFC is banking on. Gomi has slipped down hill since his days on top of Pride and BJ Penn has just seemed to get better and better. When they first fought almost seven years ago at Rumble on the Rock 4, Gomi didn't have much to offer Penn on his way to a decision loss then and these days, with the way Penn looks at 155lbs, won't have much to offer today.<br><br>This is all also assuming Gomi can beat Florian, which considering Gomi's past performances, doesn't seem likely. But hey, this is MMA and Gomi has the knockout power and explosiveness in him to KO Florian on his way to Penn, but it'd be surprising.

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